Friday, October 27, 2006

We Told Bob So

Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae now admits his fiscal policies as NDP Premier of Ontario -- high taxes, huge budgetary deficits -- were wrong.

I guess that's another way of him admitting the National Citizens Coalition was right!

After all, during his disastrous term as Premier, the NCC -- through its project group Ontarians for Responsible Government -- hammered away at his ruinous economic agenda.

He didn't listen, of course, and got swept out of power.

Now I hate to be the guy who says, "I told you so", but we did in fact tell Rae so.

It would be nice of him to now acknowledge the NCC's wisdom.


Anonymous said...

If Rae gets elected leader of the Libs. let's make sure all Canadians are reminded of his disastrous time in office. I don't believe for one minute he has renounced his socialists beliefs. He just now believes that he can implement them via the Liberal party if and when it gets back into power. Can you imagine what will happen to the finances of Canada should he ever become Prime Minister. God help Canada!

Miles Lunn said...

Fat Chance it will happen. As for Rae renouncing his socialist beliefts, who knows, but if he wins I will vote for the best local candidate since I dislike him as much as Stephen Harper. Although considering the fact I will be living in Trinity-Spadina come next election, if Rae wins it will be a choice between NDP lite, and NDP hardcore since the Tories haven't got a living hell in hope of winning there. They might however win some 905 seats.