Thursday, October 05, 2006

Couch Potatoes of the World Unite Part 2

Okay, final word on the whole Participaction controversy that I have become embroiled in.

Yesterday a Dr. Carmichael had a letter in the Globe and Mail criticizing my stand on this government program.

Here's my retort, which was published in today's paper.

In his letter (“Selfish Couch Potatoes”, October 4), Dr. John Carmichael disparages my sedentary lifestyle, says I am close to having a heart attack, and implies I should pay for my own angioplasty.


Because I believe it would be a mistake for the government to spend millions of tax dollars on a PR campaign urging Canadians to get fit.

Dr. Carmichael argues such a program will get me off “my butt” and into the gym, thus ensuring his tax dollars won’t pay for my imminent heart operation.

But he’s wrong.

These kinds of programs are never successful in getting people to alter their lifestyles – anybody remember the One Tonne Challenge?

And although Dr. Carmichael might not like it, as long as we have a publicly-funded health care system, taxpayers will have to pay for other people’s unhealthy lifestyle choices.

In the meantime, the government should worry more about cutting its fat, not mine.

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