Monday, October 16, 2006

Bryan in Court

Just got back from the Supreme Court of Canada, wich today heard Paul Bryan's challenge to the election blackout law.

Paul's lawyer did a great job in making his case as did the lawyers who argued on behalf of the media and Canadian Civil Liberties Association who were interveners.

At least, their arguments made sense to me: the censorship law violates free speech and is unenforcable in this day and age of the Internet.

Now we wait.

It could take the Supreme Court of Canada up to six months to make a ruling, but they might come down with a snap ruling should an election be called.

Until that ruling comes, I will only say nice things about the Supreme Court.

Except for this -- In the lobby of the Court building they have little known facts about the Supreme Court's history.

Did you know that in 1879 some MPs wanted to abolish the Court to save money?

Now those were cost conscious politicians!!

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