Thursday, October 05, 2006

CBC Woes

Toronto Sun entertainment columnist Bill Brioux has a great column today on the CBC.

He notes that CBC may soon lose its most popular progam -- Hockey Night in Canada -- to its archrival CTV.


Because says Brioux Canadians simply aren't watching the CBC.

"It's that so many Canadians have stopped watching CBC that the NHL almost has no alternative. After all, you wouldn't play hockey in a dark rink."

Brioux also notes that many of the CBC's other heavily hyped programs -- Hockey: A People's History, the Rene Levesque mini-series, The One -- have all been disastrous duds.

So how is the CBC reacting to all this bad news?

Like they always do: they want the government to give them more money.

I say it's time to put the CBC out of its misery: sell it.


Anonymous said...

Like good parents, PSH should just say
no to more funding of CBC (TV)


Ouimet said...

Wow, if you're one of the top five political minds in the country, I'd hate to hear the bright ideas of number 6.

Anonymous said...

Sell it.. ya got to be kidding right? Who would buy an organization full of commies with no ability to stand on its own two feet?

Miles Lunn said...

I doubt any government will sell it anytime soon. Although there is a good argument that it should be privatized, unfortunately I cannot think of one developed country including the United States, that doesn't have a public broadcaster that gets taxpayer funding. France use to have three public broadcasters and privatized one, but no country has completely privatized it.

As for the bias, all media is biased. On the right you have the National Post, Sun Media, in the centre you have the Globe and Mail, Global, CTV, while on the left you have the CBC and Toronto Star.