Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why Buzz Really Split from the NDP

I have an op-ed today in the "web-exclusive" comment section of the Globe and Mail website.

It's all about Buzz Hargrove's radical left-wing agenda and what it could mean for Canada.

I would also urge you to check out Hargrove's political manifesto: In the Eye of the Storm: The Re-making of Canadian politics.

It lays out his plan to replace "capitalism with socialism."

Oh and be sure to check out page 16 - where you will find the National Citizens Coalition singled out for attack.

It's reminiscent of another attack against us.

Buzz doesn't like us very much, and he will like us even less after he reads my Globe piece.


I did an interview about my Globe piece with Political Staples, which you can listen to here.

Also did an interview on the Gary Doyle Show (570 News Kitchener) and on Focus 980 (CFPL London)

Tonight I will be on Nightline BC with Michael Smyth.

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