Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Day

Recently the Canadian Medical Association elected Dr. Brian Day to be its next president.

This has led to much hand-wringing on the left, as Day is seen as a proponent of ending the government's monopoly over health care.

Yet as Dr. David Gratzer writes in today's National Post:

"Dr. Day isn't suggesting that the entire system be privatized, as his most zealous critics have charged. He simply recognizes that there is a role for a vibrant private sector in health care -- as there is in the other nine-tenths of the economy."

In other words, the Berlin Wall of socialist health care in this country is starting to at long last crumble.

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Miles Lunn said...

I heard that Brian Day was a Labour Party supporter back in the 70s and use to be a socialist himself. If even a former socialist realizes socialist health care doesn't work, that really says something. Besides in the province of Quebec and to a lesser extent in British Columbia a parallel private system is already emerging. Here in Vancouver, I know of a number of clinics I could go to in order to pay for quicker treatment.