Monday, August 28, 2006

One Tonne Letter

Here's the "Letter of the Day" in today's National Post.

I wrote it after reading this article.

Re: One-Tonne Challenge Could Not Have Met Goals, Aug. 25.

So, the One-Tonne Challenge was really a One-Tonne Floppe. It flopped despite a $26-million media campaign and it flopped despite having Rick Mercer as its spokesman.

Now a government report says it failed because the Challenge didn't "motivate" Canadians to reduce greenhouse gases with complementary "economic instruments."

"Motivate," of course, means coerce and "economic instruments" means higher taxes. Backers of Kyoto should remember this.

If the government ever gets serious about implementing Kyoto, it won't be funny guy Mercer who's in charge. It will be the taxman.

Gerry Nicholls, vice-president, National Citizens Coalition, Toronto.

Ok, OK, so this is just a re-working of a post I had a few days ago on this blog.

Cut me some slack it's a Monday in August!

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rondi said...

You know that only crazy people write letters to the editor, right?