Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Law School Jihad

If I was a student at Osgoode Hall Law School, I think I would fail.

At least I would fail if my law professor were Michael Mandel.

His examinations seem to be a bit one-sided and I don’t think I would give him the answers he is looking for.

I know all this because a law student sent me one of Mandel’s exams from 2002.

One sample question asks the student to imagine, there is a Canadian civil servant who has been fired by the Prime Minister from her position as his communications officer for calling the American President a “moron” in private conversation.

The student is then asked to imagine, the United States has requested her extradition, not for the “moron” remark but on the charge of murdering ex-president George H. Bush, the father of current president George W. Bush.

Then the student must imagine, “President George W. Bush, at a press conference held before the hearing says if Canada doesn’t extradite the woman who called him a moron and killed my dad, America will impose economic sanctions on Canada that’ll make the suckers holler uncle.”

Yeah that sounds like a realistic scenario.

Another question asks the student to evaluate the American justifications for invading Iraq and what international crimes could the U.S. and its leaders be guilty of committing.

No mention, of course, of possible legal charges against Saddam Hussein.

And the final question on the exam consists of a two and half page denunciation of Israeli policies towards the Palestinians followed by a request to analyze the case for bringing up former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on war crimes.

Sounds a bit biased doesn’t it?

Not that Professor Mandel doesn’t practice what he preaches.

In fact, he once did try and get President Bush charged with international crimes in real life.

Maybe they should change the name of the school to Osama Hall Law School.

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