Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Better Review

Yesterday I posted some less than flattery comments concerning my Buzz Hargrove op-ed.

Well to balance it off, here's an email I got this morning:

Dear Mr. Nicholls:
Thank you for the article today on the CAW convention this past weekend. As a CAW worker working mandatory 48 hour weeks, it is hard to keep on top of what the Mandarins are up to.

As noted above, I am a CAW worker. As such, articles such as yours are of more than passing interest to me.

I do believe this to be a huge story - a major political force in this country just called for the overthrow of our economic - and necessarily political – system.

Thank you very much for any help, as well as for an important piece of journalism - too bad the country's journalists missed it.

Just goes to show you that not all CAW employees are ready to embrace Buzz's socliast revolution.

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