Friday, August 04, 2006

Who's Progressive?

Here's my latest contribution to the Brookstreet Group.

It's about who really is "progressive"?


Flavrflav said...

According to the Merriam on-line dictionary, another desription of progressive is "increasing in extent or severity".

In this sense, leftists are indeed progressive, for they truly strive to increase the extent and severity of government intervention.

rondi said...

Free markets now rule the world? That's empirically untrue. No, they don't. They rule parts of the world. It ruins the rest of your argument if you make careless comments like that.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Free markets do rule the world. The collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union relegated socialism to the dust bin of history. Like it or not, international capitalism has emerged triumphant. True, some countries may choose to cling to a dead and discredited ideology, but they will pay a steep price in terms of their standard of living. Countries which choose to be prosperous, on the other hand, will embrace free markets.