Monday, February 27, 2006

Where's the Duke when you need him

Have you heard about this movie Valley of the Wolves?

It’s a Turkish made film that makes the American military in Iraq out to be the bad guys.

Nothing so unusual about that I suppose.

But what is strange is that the movie stars two Americans --- Billy Zane and Gary Busey.

Zane plays a villainous and sadistic U.S. military officer, while Busey plays a Jewish doctor who harvests the organs of Arabs which he then sells on the black market.

Even Michael Moore might think that’s a stretch.

Apparently this movie is doing great business in Turkey and in Germany, so Hollywood probably won’t be far behind with a copycat.

How about Passion of the Osma Bin Laden?

Somewhere John Wayne is turning over in his grave.


rondi said...

Roger L. Simon has a good posting on this, as well:

Miles Lunn said...

I would argue in many ways both the Americans and Saddam Hussein are bad guys in Iraq. Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator, but the United States had no business being there in the first place. This was not a war about liberation, this was about helping expand corporate profits for Bush's pals.

As for the insurgents, I actually don't blame them. I would never want any foreign country no matter who it was occupying Canada and I would probably do the same thing. The reality is people like to be ruled by their own and no one likes being occupied by a foreign power and this is something the neo-cons just don't get.

rondi said...

Miles, many of the most brutal "insurgents" are not Iraqis. So much for your theory. And were a foreign power to invade Canada, would you then kill your fellow Canadians, including children? This is what the Iraqi "insurgency" does. They have killed, and continue to kill, far more Muslims than Americans.
Again: So much for your theory.

Miles Lunn said...

Rondi - some of the insurgents are foreign ones, but others are domestic. However, I should remind you that are all Muslim and many Muslims find it offensive for a non-Muslim country to occupy a Muslim nation. I wouldn't be killing my fellow Canadians intentionally, but in a war zone people get caught in the crossfire. In addition, the Americans according to even Bush have killed 30,000 Innocent Iraqi civilians so, so much for being liberators. I don't think those 30,000 Iraqis killed by American gunfire or bombs see them as liberators. If one of my family members was killed by an invading power, I wouldn't see them as liberators.

rondi said...

Yes, some of the foreign "insurgents" are liberators, not all. Second, it has been well established that the foreign "insurgents" are more willing to act as suicide bombers than the native ones: In other words, they are guilty for the deaths of far more of their fellow Muslims than any other group.
Further, the "insurgents" who kill Muslims are not doing so accidentally. When a suicide bomber drives a car into an Iraqi school or marketplace, he knows exactly who he is killing.
Indeed, many Muslims believe that a non-Muslim invading a Muslim country is a crime: These are the same ideologues who believe in the rebirth of the Caliphate, of which they would LOVE Canada to play a huge role. And people as uninformed as yourself are helping them along that path. I see no reason for us to respect the beliefs of Islamist fascists who see the Muslim world as one big, entity that must expand and convert (or kill) infidels. I'd be more than happy to leave them alone, if they leave us alone. But the past four decades, culminating in 9-11, make clear they have no intention of leaving us alone, and are indeed becoming more aggressive.
You concede, that in a war zone, people get "caught in the crossfire." Yes, they do. It was, tragically, inevitable that the U.S. and Coalition forces would kill civilians. Unfortunately, that's the cost of war: Had we worried about that 67 years ago we would have let Hitler have his way. Man -- did we wipe out a lot of German civlians! We flattened whole cities. Is it "fair"? No. But we didn't start it back then, and we didn't start it decades later.

rondi said...

And further, the war in Iraq was not fought to "expand corporate profits for Bush's pals." This is sheer, sophomoric nonsense.
It was fought in part to liberate (to finish what should have been finished in 1991) and in greater part, in an attempt to reshape the Middle East. 9-11 should have made it clear to all that the status quo was not working.

Flavrflav said...


Thank you for putting forth the effort to challenge Miles on his bizarre logic.

He doesn't blame insurgents for deliberatley killing children. Quite frankly, I don't have the energy to repond to that madness.

Miles Lunn said...

Rondi - World War II was justified since Hitler attacked a sovereign nation unprovoked. The Iraq War was a pre-emptive strike which is not only a violation of international law, but also Canadian participation would violate Canada's own defence act, which prohibits Canadian participation in pre-emptive wars. It also violates the US Constitution which requires congressional approval and a formal declaration of war, not a resolution supporting war.

Actually, no most of the terrorists aren't interested in spreading Islam globally. They attacked the US on 9/11 since they are tired of the US interferring in their domestic affairs. If the US left them alone, they would leave them alone. Finally only you neo-cons buy this garbage that the US wanted to liberate Iraq. That is absolute BS!! Read Project for the New American Century which on its board has many people now part of the Bush administration and they make clear their goal is American dominance of the globe, sea, space, and cyberspace. This is imperialism, plain and simple. Just because they are our neighbour and largest trading partner does not mean we should not apply the same standards to them as we would apply to every other nation. If they don't like it, tough! When they are wrong we will speak out whether they like it or not and in Iraq they are wrong plain and simple, no ifs and no buts, they are just wrong. There is no need for debate on this issue, Canada was right and the US was wrong!!

I as a proud Canadian am so sick and tired of you neo-cons always bashing our great country and then always defending the US. Well if you love the US so much, go live there.

Anonymous said...


An observation:

You use the term "Neo-Con" way too much. LOL

x2para said...

Bashing liberal gov't decisions means that you are bashing Canada? Typical backwardass socialist logic, about as good as saying that terrorists will leave us alone if we leave them alone.