Friday, February 03, 2006

Liberal Conspiracy Theory

A few days ago, I noted how David Frum was concerned the Liberals might try to bring down the Conservative government fast in the hopes they could win a snap election.

Well the more I think about this scenario the more sense it makes.

Consider the following bits of evidence:

* Liberal stars – Brian Tobin, Frank McKenna, John Manley, Alan Rock – have ruled out running for the leadership of the party, this despite the fact that being Liberal leader has been, in the past at least, a sure ticket to the Prime Minister’s Office. Has somebody filled them in on the plan?

* Paul Martin has broken his promise to step down as party leader. He now says he will stay on as formal head of the party until a successor is chosen. Well that’s convenient.

* Finally the Prime Minister’s residence 24 Sussex Drive is undergoing mysterious “renovations” which will delay Stephen Harper’s taking possession of the house.

All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Oh what am I saying? This is a crazy idea.

Only a completely desperate, morally bankrupt and intellectually barren political party would even consider such an outrageous scheme.


Expect an election in May.


Miles Lunn said...

No matter what one thinks of the Liberals, they are not stupid enough to trigger an early election. For starters the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP may not support an early election, so in that case it doesn't matter. On the other hand the Liberals want to win the next election and they know if they try to trigger an early one, they will only do worse and the Tories will win even more seats, so I suspect this government has at least until the spring of 2007. Not to mention with Ontario having an election in 2007, they might wait until after Ontario's election. The Tories lost seats in BC which has had three elections in the past year, so they might not want to risk having the same thing happen in Ontario as to what happened to the Tories in BC.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that the word "election" has fast become the new "f" word when it comes to the electorate.
Whoever triggers and early election is committing political suicide. Voters would be pissed....big time. Add to that in Ontario a muncipal election in the fall of 2006 and a provincial election in 2007 and Ontarians would be all too ready to fastrack all politicians in this province to Exile Island.

swilson said...

Now that the A team Liberals have ALL taken a pass on the leadership run, every blog is speculating WHY. What do they know that the naive new kids on the block don't? If the Liberals engineered a snap election the electorate would think the Liberals are afraid to have Sheila Fraser look into the books. It would be a disaster for them.

The Bloc doesn't want an election any time soon, and I would bet the NDP is not ready to give back those votes the Liberals 'loaned' them; the Liberals are powerless....

Forget about the Liberals! check out for a good guess on the new Harper cabinet.