Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cabinet Misses

Since the federal Conservative cabinet is apparently open to non-Conservatives and to unelected appointees, I wonder how the Prime Minister missed naming these obvious candidates:

NDP leader Jack Layton – He certainly has enough experience to be in cabinet. In fact, he ran the last government.

Union boss Buzz Hargrove – Buzz did so much for the Conservatives in the election he deserved the reward.

Former PM Jean Chr├ętien – Being in cabinet might have eased the withdrawal pains he’s no doubt experiencing now that he can no longer dip into the public trough.

Liberal MP Belinda Stronach – Hey with what’s going on in Ottawa these days, why not?

Toronto Star columnist Linda McQuaig – Not only would her appointment increase the number of women in cabinet it would also relieve me from having to read her columns.

Of course these people missed out this time but hey there’s always the next cabinet shuffle.


Miles Lunn said...

Good picks Gerry. Harper has shown himself to be the biggest hypocrit of all, so why not go ahead with those ones. At least Paul Martin never claimed to be the most ethical guy, but instead ran on his values as opposed to ethics. I really wish Paul Martin had won the election as despite his flaws he is a heck of a lot better than Stephen Harper. Harper is a good lobbyists for groups like the NCC, but being a good lobbyists doesn't make one a good prime-minister.

georgev said...

Oh, good grief, will you get over yourself already! You guys should know PMSH better than anyone. Would he have made these appointments knowing the fuss they would cause if he didn't have a plan. SH is too intelligent and has done such a good job to this point that you need to cut him some slack and support rather than slime him. We're on his side, remember?

Anonymous said...

are you the same doubting Thomases who dilly dallied that Stephen Joseph Harper WILL NOT WIN an election, not fit for PM, and therefore should QUIT being the Leader of the Conservative Party ? You are playing checkers, PMSH is playing a CHESS MATCH with the good fo the country at heart!!! Get over your rightful and pious indignation already!!! I did mine after a sober second thought and a few shots of scotch whisky !!!

Craig Millar said...

I'm not thrilled with the way that this has gone down. I do wish that Mr. Emerson had at least left the Liberals. HOWEVER, i believe that Prime Minister Harper recognized that the temporary flak was worth it to get a high calibre individual to deal with some very delicate trade issues. This is not about power for Mr. Emerson or Mr. Harper. Emerson has more power and prestige and perks in the private sector. Harper isn't using him as the final vote to prop up his government. He felt that Mr. Emerson was the best man for the job and went out and got him. We Conservatives cannot handle being in government very well. Our first week in the place and we're shooting the leader more than the opposition. The Liberals (who have ruled Canada for most of the last century) had figured out that disagreements and fighting happen behind closed doors. I wish people like Garth Turner and the talking cowboy hat from Alberta, and some nasty bloggers would figure that out. Remember who the bad guys are.

Anonymous said...

Shooting the leader has been the fetish and continues to be the choice blood sport by these so called conservatives anyways , so what is new here ? Must we bring back Kim Campbell and Joe Clark to satisfy them ?

andycanuck said...

I was very upset at the Emerson issue, but not the Fortier appointment at first, too, but the wave of hysteria that's greeted this, fanned by the MSM and pretend-Cons in Comments sections of the blogsphere has put me firmly in the camp of cutting the P.M. some slack on this and seeing how it works out. I know that he's not a fool, so that there is some reason behind this. Let's see what that reason is before going nuts. Like by writing absurd comparisons: what Mr. Nicholls, not putting Adolf Hitler and Joe Stalin on the list? Fine, you're not a Conservative, but does that mean that you have to behave like a liberal?