Monday, February 06, 2006

Harper as PM

Watching Stephen Harper’s swearing in ceremony today is going to be a bit strange for me.

I mean here’s a guy I used to work for, a guy I used to have lunch with, a guy I used to have raging debates with about which was the best Star Trek episode, becoming Prime Minister of Canada.

Maybe I will scour the National Citizens Coalition office looking for pens, mugs and staplers he used while he was our president, so I can sell them off as souvenirs.

But seriously, this is a great day for Harper and for the NCC.

I wonder what our founder, the late Colin M. Brown, would have thought about what’s happening today?

He’s probably smiling somewhere.

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Miles Lunn said...

I wonder what you say to David Emerson's defection or Michael Fortier being appointed. Yeah its early, but not good optics despite many talented members gaining cabinet posts. Also many talented members were turned down so I wonder how they feel about Emerson's defection, although I am sure many felt the same about Stronach's defection in the Liberals.