Friday, February 10, 2006

Don't Offend Me

The MSM in Canada has collectively decided not to reprint certain controversial cartoons for fear of offending certain people.

Well in the interest of fairness it seems to me the media should also refrain from taking actions which I happen to find offensive.

After all, while I don’t go around burning down embassies or threatening to behead people or anything, I also have feelings.

So to all you media people out there, here is a list of things I want banned:

* Anything done by filmmaker Michael Moore

* Linda McQuaig’s columns

* Stories that refer to “terrorists” as “militants”.

* Any “reality” TV show

* The CBC

* Depictions of free market philosophy as “scary” or “extremist”

* Blatant anti-Americanism

* Blatant anti-Semitism disguised as blatant anti-Americanism

* TV shows where the bad guy is inevitably a “greedy land developer”

* Toronto Star editorials

And please don't say I’m advocating censorship; I’m just echoing Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay who said “Freedom of expression is a legally enshrined principle in Canada, but it must be exercised responsibly.”

And apparently that means you can’t offend anybody, and I’m definitely an anybody.


Clinton P. Desveaux said...

Great site written by a real conservative, it is nice to have someone at the NCC who sticks by his words.

Anonymous said...

After watching only a few hours of the CBC's coverage of the Olympics this am could you consider adding the that coverage to things I could really do without. Man, I actually switched to the CBC's French coverage because it's far superior to the English drone of Mansbridge, Libel and co. Nothing worse that the constant chatter and editorializing of the English CBC.

Failing CBC, American coverage offers much more creativity and patriotism toward their athletes.