Sunday, February 05, 2006

One Last Liberal Outrage

Well it looks like David Dingwall got the entitlements he says he was entitled to.

As one of his last official acts as Prime Minister, Paul Martin is giving Dingwall a whopping $418,000 severance package.

Oh and it turns out Dingwall was actually fired, which was a little fact Martin never let us taxpayers in on.

Just like he never let us know about Dingwall’s golden parachute during the election when it was actually approved.

I guess Martin just wanted it all to be a surprise going away gift to Canadians.

But we shouldn’t be surprised of course.

This act is no more arrogant, no more outrageous than any other example of Liberal greed.

The good news is these guys are finally out of power.

Now the Conservative will have a chance to shut the trough.


Ed Hardison said...

What makes you think this will be the LAST ?
There is still much to be uncovered !

Kegger said...

He would have never been fired if the Conservaitves hadn't made up phoney allegations of over-spending. The man took the Canadian Mint from a floundering to successful company. THe only reason he stepped down was because it is bad for a mint to have any suggestion of scandal, true or not it would hurt foreign business.

The Conservative allegations were proven false and he should not have been required to step down.

Isn't it the case that it was in fact the Conservatives who wasted over $400,000 of taxpayers money for forcing out a successful CEO?