Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bob MacDonald RIP

When Sun columnist Bob MacDonald passed away on the weekend, Canada lost a true champion of freedom.

Back in the late 1970s most of the Canadian media was enthralled with the left-wing vision of Pierre Trudeau, but not MacDonald.

With the tenacity of a bulldog, MacDonald blasted Trudeau’s socialist policies and especially his appeasement of the Soviet Union.

It was a view that very much reflected the opinions of Colin M. Brown, the late founder of the National Citizens Coalition.

In fact, one time Colin ran a NCC newspaper ad that simply reproduced one of MacDonald’s more biting columns headlined: “Trudeau, Communist Comrade.”

And while Bob’s passing is sad, at least he lived long enough to see the collapse of the Soviet Empire he detested so much.

It was Bob, not Trudeau who was on the right side of history.


Miles Lunn said...

Sorry to hear he died. I was no fan of Trudeau's socialist policies, although I at least give him credit for bringing us the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and his policies towards minorities. His soft stance against the Soviet Union was wrong in hindsight, but I think he simply reflected the general anti-American mood that has always and likely always will exist in Canada, not just amongst Liberals, but amongst most Canadians.

Michael Taube said...

Gerry -- Well said. I agree.