Monday, February 13, 2006

Buzz Sawed

Well it looks like Buzz Hargrove is now a man without a party.

The NDP pulled an angry housewife routine and kicked Buzz out of the socialist house on the weekend to punish him for flirting with the Liberal Party during the last election.

Poor Buzz, what’s he going to do now?

Well it seems the answer is obvious: he should run for the leadership of the Liberal Party.

No seriously, if Buzz became Liberal leader it would be a win for everybody.

Buzz would get a new Party; the Liberals would solidify the move to the Left they have been making for the past year; and the Conservatives would enjoy uninterrupted rule for the next 100 years.


Ed Hardison said...

Anything to take the Conservative heat off of our new Prime Minister .
Buzz is foolish and should be ashamed of his recent attempts to direct the public the way he handles his unions .
Buzz added some much needed comic relief only he can .
blessings from Virgil
[ we still support Stephen Harper ]

Miles Lunn said...

I don't think Buzz Hargrove would run for the Liberal leader. Besides if you are someone on the left, I think what Buzz did, which was encourage voters to vote strategically makes perfect sense. If I am not mistaken didn't some on the right in the 90s encourage people to vote PC or Reform/Alliance, whichever had the best chance of winning in their riding. Nothing wrong with either case. In Britain, many on the left encourage people to vote Liberal Democrats or Labour Party, whichever is most likely to stop a Conservative win.

Anonymous said...

ok, is the Liberal party now the official party of unionized Canada/Ontario? If so, does this not move the Liberals even further to the left, and leave the NDP and Tories to fight for that mushy middle spot in Ontariario? If so, then the NCC has some scrambling to do to come up with some real conservative heart that offers up that right-of-centre lean otherwise the right's gone the way of the dodo bird in Ontario....for now.