Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Winner and Loser in the Past Week of Politics

Winner: Stephen Harper

The big winner of the week has to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. No matter how the slice it, his negotiated trade deal with the European Union is a major political victory. Not only does it highlight his diplomatic skill, not only does it open up major new markets to Canadian business, but it also reinforces the Conservative Party's main re-election narrative: "Only we can be trusted to create jobs and manage the economy." As an added bonus, it will mobilize his base and  perhaps divide his opponents.

Loser: Elizabeth May

During the recent Throne when the Governor-General  announced the government’s plan to build a “Memorial to the Victims of Communism, to remember the millions who suffered under tyranny,” Green Party leader Elizabeth May took it as an opportunity to tweet this clever line: “No mention of monument to victims of capitalism. :)"  Ha, ha, nothing funnier than trivializing Soviet atrocities!!


Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more that May is the loser of the week, or that CETA was a major plus for Harper's position going forward (even though we don't know what's all in it, yet).

Aside from CETA, though, it wasn't a good week for the Conservatives. Nor was it a good week for any of the rest, actually.

When the electorate gets into choosing from a bad lot mode, look out — strange things result.

Rob McQueen said...

You mean, Harper personally negotiated the deal? Wow. Sure, everyone is looking elsewhere for trade as the American Government keeps upping it's debt ceiling to bankruptcy, but is to trading with an almost bankrupt EU any better.

Tell me, what is the result of trading with a company that goes bankrupt? Here is your 5 cents on a dollar. When nation's economies are at risk the nation's business are also in jeopardy.