Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tweeting the NDP

Here's a sure sign I had too much time on my hands yesterday. I actually watched the NDP convention and tweeted some of my observations.

In case you missed any, here are my top Tweets:

• Saw a movie in the video store called "The Neverending Story". I thought it was a documentary on the NDP convention.

• At news conference, Mulcair reacts to charges he has a temper by beating two reporters to death.

• During victory speech Mulcair expresses surprise: Thought he was running for leadership of Conservative Party! #ndpldr

• Next election will answer burning question: Who is more unlikable -- Harper or Mulcair? #cdnpoli

• News flash: Supreme Court of Canada has just ruled NDP convention a form of torture. #ndpldr

• Two of Muclair's drummers drop dead from exhaustion.

• If Mulcair wins first action will be to declare Ed Broadbent an Enemy of the Revolution! #ndpldr

• NDP accomplishes the impossible: Makes Canadian politics even more boring. #ndpldr

• Due to computer problems, NDP now says leadership will be decided by best 2 out of 3, rock, paper, scissors competition. #ndpldr

• NDP online computer now signing "Daisy, Daisy, tell me your answer true" as officials frantically deactivate circuits. #ndpldr

• Fed up with voting snafu, NDP now taking a different tack: Winning leadership candidate will be the one with most Facebook "likes".#ndpldr

• Latest NDP vote yields bizarre result: Thomas Mulcair is now president of Spain! #ndpldr

• "Voting problems" a diversion. NDP's real plan is obvious: Keep delaying vote until Stephen Harper retires. #ndplr

• Maybe the Liberals were right to acclaim Michael Ignatieff?

• At the rate this NDP vote is preceding, the winner will also be the oldest party leader in Canadian history.

• The good news for the NDP is nobody in Canada is actually watching the convention.

• Prediction: No matter who wins today, starting tomorrow media will suggest the new leader is a serious threat to Harper.

• In a desperate attempt to fill air time CBC is arranging a boxing match between Peter Mansbridge and Ezra Levant.

• Too bad there isn't a "refresh" button for entire NDP convention.#cdnpoli

• NDP voting mix ups leading to a crisis: media running out of ways to fill air time. #ndpldr

• My idea for new voting system: Piece of paper, a pencil and an X.#ndpldr

• NDP votes to merge their computer with Liberal voting software.

• NDP voting problems causing chaos in CPC headquarters as they frantically work to update attack ads. #ndpldr

• Thanks to online voting problems at NDP convention, Stephen Harper now leads on the second ballot.

• Syd Ryan today said NDP delegates should stop Mulcair by throwing support behind Joseph Stalin. #ndpldr

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Gordie Canuk said...

If you ever decide to change careers Gerry you should seriously consider comedy have a sharp political mind, that's obvious, but your humour is top notch too.