Monday, January 16, 2012

Ideas for choosing a leader

On at their recent convention, Liberal delegates voted to allow anyone who declares support for the Liberal party to vote in Liberal leadership elections, without actually become a party member.  

Of course, there were many other proposals to change the manner of choosing a new Liberal leader, but they never made it to the convention floor.

Here are some of the more interesting suggestions:

1. Randomly choose a name pulled out of Pierre Trudeau’s Panama hat.

2. Pick anybody with the last name “Trudeau”

3. Ban from running for leadership anybody who has earned a degree from Harvard.

4. Anoint a leader after consulting Mackenzie King’s Ouija board     

5. Pick the winner by means of a national best two out of three rock, paper scissors competition.

6. Use sample of Wilfrid Laurier’s DNA to create a clone.

7. Offer leadership to winner of Justin Beiber look-alike contest.

8. Produce some sort of Reality TV program where leadership candidates compete in competitions such as: “Throttle the Protester” and “Offer the Kick back”.

9. Let’s just forget all this stuff, because we all know Bob Rae will be the next leader.


Anonymous said...

It's Wilfrid Laurier, not Wilfred Laurier.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Thanks! Fixed.

haselcheck said...

How bout exclude anybody who has the record for the largest deficits and/or debt in Ontario's history ???