Sunday, June 05, 2011

Turning the page

Is former Parliamentary page Brigette DePape a courageous hero or a spoiled brat?

Actually she can be both: It all depends on your point of view.

More specifically it depends on how you expect people to behave.

For instance, we all expect people to follow society's rules. It's part of what makes us human.

Hence, DePape is regarded by many Canadians as nothing but a self-aggrandizing, troublemaker because she disrupted the Throne Speech, clearly breaking the Parliamentary rules.

Yet there are those who are applauding DePape's bit of political theater.

Do these people not believe in rules?

Yes they do, but they would argue DePape was following a rule that transcends Parliamentary protocol, namely that we should stand up for what we believe.

In other words, we are all reading the same book, but sometimes we are on a different page.


Mark Wickens said...

There are many ways to stand up for one’s beliefs. The one this girl chose indicates to me that she is a spoiled brat.

Laura said...

Spoiled brat, definitely. Nobody elected her to speak in Parliament. Next question?

Brigitte Pellerin said...

Oh Gerry - take a stand, will you? :)

Anonymous said...

In the socialist state she and her Ilke would have us living in...she would not have gotten any publicity except perhaps the bulliten in the polite beureau press that a former student turned Prostitute named Brigette DePape had been found raped and murdered an the banks of the Ottawa River police are still searching for the killer

Patty McKay said...

She is an immature, spoiled brat taking advantage of the very special and privileged position she was so fortunate to be in. Taking a stand involves much more then holding up a sign. Just ask a veteran.