Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Gloating Alert

We need to analyze last night's election results and what they mean for Canada.

But first, I must do something far more important: gloat.

So here we go.

Now let's see, I was one of the first people in Canada to predict a spring election.

Also, back in January I was the first voice to raise the prospect of Canada evolving into a two party country.

Let's see, oh yes, I also predicted the downfall of the Liberal  Political Empire.

Plus, I foresaw the Liberal strategy of hitting the Conservatives on ethics was a dead end.

But I am not perfect.

Had some misses along the way.

For one thing, the Liberal meltdown was even more severe than I anticipated. By the way, the Liberal Party is finished. It will never recover.

Was also taken off guard by the sudden and dramatic surge in NDP support and the concurrent demise of the Bloc.

Finally, I confidently predicted Green Party lader Elizabeth May would lose. Was dead wrong about that.

Guess God doesn't want me to get arrogant.


Frank Gue said...

On only one of your points was I even close, Gerry.

One could see from a long way off the fate of the Liberals under poor, hapless Iggy. It was him what done it to them, for sure.


Kirk West said...

Gloat away!!!

I guess that's why you're one of the top 5 political minds in the country!

Anonymous said...

I rather mischiefly on a Liblog somewhere early in the campaign wrote that if you fear a Harper majority that much then you shouldn't have forced an election. It is the only way he can get one.

BTW if you have any stock tips I'm all ears.....

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but...with so many "I was first", are you going to change your name to "Al"
Everyone can and should take the time to savor the victory or at least be relieved that we don't face the alternative this morning.
Personally, I hope that the Prime Minister takes the time to improve our Governments communication skills. we need to make sure Canadians will understand and accept any changes he might decide to undertake.
I also look forward to Smilin Jack and company getting the scrutiny they so richly deserve.
Today should be "National Feel Good Day" for all Canadians.
It is a very great day.
mel wilde

wilson said...

''By the way, the Liberal Party is finished. It will never recover.''

And that makes my heart sing Gerry!

Brian said...

AMEN ... a Harper minority would have caused a crisis , because the Bloc/Lib/NDP would have been certain to take it down , and if Layton ended up in charge , every bill the NDP passed would be voted down in the Senate and I think we would have been into another election within a year , with a lot of wreckage along the way.

My reading of NDP Quebec is that the Bloc was viewed as not being able to squeeze enough from Canada , and Quebec voters listened to the NDP and Liberal media about English Canada wanting change , misread the sentiment outside Quebec and voted strategically NDP thinking there would be a NDP led coalition ... but it didn't turn out that way.

Layton has a real problem now. He has a bunch of neophyte members some of whom have absolutely no clue , and on top of that he has ZERO power ... no seats in the Senate and a Tory majority ... so all he can do is sit and fume ... but hopefully with his pants on.

He has a some members elected in Quebec , who do not live in the ridings and do not speak French , which should prove interesting in ridings with strong separatist sentiments.

He also somehow has to maintain control of these neophytes who are going to step into every cow-pie for quite a while.

Quebec voted NDP because the Bloc had not squeezed enough from English Canada , so they turn to the NDP with all Layton's wild promises like making French mandatory across Canada , opening the Constitution in Quebec's favour etc. , however given that Layton has ZERO power with a Tory majority and ZERO seats in the Senate , all he can do is sit and fume ... meanwhile back at the ranch (Quebec) the natives will be restless getting nothing for their NDP support !!!!

Talk about a BIG problem ... but of course the MSM cannot even see the impending NDP train wreck.

... have fun Jack.

Meg Q said...

Tee hee some of the fellers on the NatPost live blog last night were conjuring up the image of Harper *ignoring* Jack for four years. Also *ignoring* Elizabeth May for four years. They seemed rather amused.

Why not gloat? It's a gloat-alicious gloat-acular of gloat-tastic proportions!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gerry, my pal, ol'buddy:

I'm still three up; one of the few,perhaps the only poster on your limited space blog that picked the conservatives to win a MAJORITY with at least 160 seats.

Now that's got to be worth something, no?

My deal, still stands.

I'll trade you one Green May (clone) for 58 Soc-eyes.

Oh, by the way, down at Indian Maheesh's laundromat, I wagered and won against the owner (Maheesh's first uncle) for predicting the final Tory tally of 167 seats!

For my pondering I received one Big Angus steer burger combo at McDonald's (He balked though at the server's "supersize" option).

Make the trade.

Believe, you're going to like the way your numbers look, even if they are dressed up, ex-post!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Captain Kirk:

If he, Gerry's, one of the top 5, then I'm the real PM, in waiting.

Now, west your case, OK?

Anonymous said...

I predicted some of those even before you, but I was wrong about the results last night. I'm delighted to be wrong in fact. I know something that nobody else knows though, why the Globe endorsed Harper? (real conservative)