Monday, June 21, 2010

Changing Turkey

Rondi Adamson has an interesting but sad article in today's National Post, grieving for the Turkey she once knew.

Adamson, by the way, is an excellent writer with well informed opinions and a wonderful sense of humour.

I would highly recommend her blog.

Check it out.

PS if you ever want an editor, give her a call.

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking that I might want to write something in a similar vein about the Canada I knew soon. My childhood life was idyllic. We learned about fear and our limits by testing them in the living world, sometimes where it was not so safe (clay cliffs on the river come to mind). Human rights did not exist explicitly on paper, but respect for one's elders and rules did, as well as politeness and courtesy to others. We did not need diversity rights to show us that it was fun to play with the new Hungarian girl in the neighbourhood and to exchange dolls, and my Jewish friends and I had fun going to each other's churches.