Friday, February 26, 2010

In Praise of Maxime

I usually find it hard to praise politicians but in former Conservative Cabinet Minister Maxime Bernier's case I will make an exception.

What's to praise?

Well first, there's that excellent speech he made recently in Calgary where he put forward a case for fiscal conservatism as opposed to big spending Harper conservatism.

Second, a few days ago Bernier publicly expressed skepticism regarding aspects of global warming hysteria -- the first federal politician in Canada to do so.

And lastly and not leastly, when I met Bernier a couple of months ago in Ottawa, he bought a copy of my book, Loyal to the Core!

Of course, none of the above will make Maxime Bernier any friends in the PMO, but it does give a little hope to those Canadians who believe in more freedom and less government.


Ted Betts said...


You've been quiet for a a few weeks. Wondered what were your thoughts about the security "user fee" to be charged by the Conservatives.

Is this Harper breaking his "no new taxes" promise again (the first time being the increased payroll taxes)? Or is this a legitimate fee for service (in which case, what is the service the passenger gets and what choice did they have, i.e. the usual criteria for considering a fee a fee instead of a tax)?

Anonymous said...

Ted Betts- Are you saying all Canadians should pay the tax/user fee or the user pay the fee. I think foreign users should pay as well as Canadian. Don't plant it on Canadians alone.

bertie said...

Ted don't fly unless you want to pay the cost of flying.We will not subsidize you if you want the security.If you don't want the security,go fly piper cubs or some other form,maybe hot air balloon.And you will not see the service you get,just like you won't get a bag of peanuts or get to ride with the pilot anymore.The day's of innocence are over thanks to the suicide idiots.So get with the program and pay your fees or don't fly.And that is my final answer.

Ted Betts said...

It's a question Bertie.

Whether it is a user fee or a tax, I don't care. It is still money out of my pocket I don't mind paying.

What I am wondering is, as is often the case, which Stephen Harper do we believe? The pre-2006 Stephen Harper or the post-2006 Stephen Harper.

The pre-2006 Stephen Harper said that security fees are not just taxes but "destructive air taxes" that are "crippling our airline industry".

The post-2006 Stephen Harper says he won't raise taxes and calls his "air tax" a user fee to get around his promise.

I just don't know what to believe whenever Say Anything Steve opens his mouth, or which Say Anything Steve to believe.

Gerry Nicholls said...


I am busy working in the USA these days so do don't have much time to blog.

As for the fee -- yup it's a tax.

Lawrence Kong said...

bertie, the days of innocence were over in the early 40's, what with nazi idiots. Fortunately, Allies didn't decide to target everyone indiscriminately, French or German, soldier or civilian.

AToryNoMore said...

I listened two The Throne Speech today.

Its the same one I heard last time.

Also think it was the same one I heard before, previous to that.

Have to check for 'Aussie Speak' again.

My be a green thing for the cons, kind of like their commitment to recycling.

People notice this stuff.

No ideas after three months of recalibration.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, no matter where you go in the Conservative blogosphere, Ted is there trying to diss our Conservative PM. What does it matter what we think of the security fee? We have to pay it if we fly. Period.