Friday, November 07, 2008

Canada Needs a Thatcher

Here's my latest column for the Women's Post.

It's about leadership.


rondi adamson said...

But Gerry, I thought we already *had* a Thatcher? You know, our humble friend? (o:

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of Maggie Thatcher...and Reagan, and Churchill.

But this is Canada.

And I'm not the least bit convinced Canadian voters would have a foggy clue in hell what to do with any one of them.

Liberals have done such a bang up job of making the government teat a major part of our national identity, I sincerely doubt anybody could get elected dog catcher, forget about PM, who even remotely looked like even a veiled threat to the status quo.

The only hope is a very slow...i.e., incremental...weaning of Canadians.

Look at the trouble that the "arts" crap and a promise to crack down on young thugs terrorizing our streets ended up causing him...not the least being a majority he well earned. It was just plain pathetic.

Harper is as close to a real Conservative PM as I have ever seen in my 54 year lifetime. Nobody else came even remotely as near.

And I'm quite satisfied with that.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Great article, Gerry.
... Ultimately, a leader TEACHES... teaching an understanding of where we are going, and why it is the virtuous way.
... This is Mr. Harper's failing. He teaches nothing, and therefore has achieved almost nothing.
... Canada needs a Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

Perfect one! I can just agree. I think most of the big leaders, who were trying to help their country, not just to follow their personal ideas (like Hitler or Stalin) had to cope with people's opposition.
But there is always only the strong core - union leaders, lobby, extreme leftist - which makes the biggest mess. Once the leader gains hearts of ordinary citizens, no matter how many demonstrations will take place, he will be the winner...