Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stephen meet Jack

Well it looks like socialist NDP leader Jack Layton is calling for yet another increase in state power.

An unrepentant leftist, Layton wants sweeping new legislation giving government the power to recall imported goods it deems dangerous.

Many companies take their responsibilities seriously, said Layton defending his proposed new regulations, but there are a few "who care more about the almighty dollar than the safety of their customers."

Isn't that just typical socialist nonsense.

It makes you want to.... hey wait a minute. Just read that article again. Looks like I made a mistake.

Jack Layton never said that.

It was Stephen Harper!!!

Hope he doesn't try to recall this blog posting.


Reid said...

Normally I believe in minimal government intervention. But this is one instance I'm in favour of what's being proposed.

Considering the safety track record of companies to date....


OTTAWA -- Six out of 10 children's jewelry items for sale in Canada tested at the government's product safety laboratory in the last two years had dangerous and illegal levels of lead -- some with levels comparable to car batteries made of almost pure lead.

Health Canada oversaw the targeted testing of 205 samples of suspicious items and identified 120 illegal products. The most egregious case was a jewelry item containing 92 per cent lead, suggesting the jewelry was made from lead-acid batteries for cars and other lead scraps.

I don't know if you have kids or not but I would think if you do this story should scare the crap out of you.

Kirk West said...

I think I see the logic here Gerry. This is actually a deficit fighting measure! Instead of having jilted consumers launch expensive and time consuming class action suits, the government can simply fine these companies and keep the money for themselves, that way there won't be anything left for those pesky consumers.

The government can then use this money to pay down the deficit. See? Our pain is the government's gain.

Now that's standing up for Canada!

Better yet, the government can use the money instead for more 'socialist money sucking schemes'!

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Gerry, I agree with Reid on this one.
... The state has a correct role in denying the importation of dangerous or illegal goods. It is almost impossible to draw a clear, objective line, however it is a justifiable role of government.

Anonymous said...

Instead of cheap snide remarks that are unproductive, why not join a serious conservative think tank like the Fraser Institute, or find another serious venue?

(Hint: Your "Hail Harper" piece in the Red Star does not add to your credibility.)

If you want to be taken seriously, start offering solutions rather than just easy criticism.

Negative pundits are a dime a dozen, deservedly so.

rondi adamson said...

aek, I don't think the Fraser Institute qualifies as "serious".