Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The PMO needs a retool

Well you got to hand it to the crack team of political geniuses who work in the Prime Minister's Office.

They sure know how to make a terrible situation worse.

I mean, what in the world was that fiasco of a media briefing on the Elections Canada charges all about!!!??


It's a maxim in politics that you never want to look like are a crook or a fool.

Well thanks to the PMO's keystone cops routine, the Tories now look like both.

I guess that's what happens when you hire egghead amateurs whose chief skill is that they will take a bullet for the Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

I gotta ask...how can so many very well educated people be so freakin stupid!! I am so sick and tired of hearing Conservatives whine about the MSM...why??...its like whining about the weather...it will not make it any better. Mr Harper has been the best thing to happen to this country for a while, I dont expect Liberals to like him nor do I expect them to respect his policy's...its just the way it is...but...again, I gotta ask...how could a group of university educated people not know that this just looked bad!!
Its embarasing. billg

Anonymous said...

Gerry - do you think it is okay for people who are NOT invited to a meeting or briefing to then try to crash the meeting?

Just because they are reporters does not make them infallible Gods entitled to their entitlements.

Anonymous said...

Actually Gerry,
Thats what happens when many members of the media hate the Conservatives more than they like a scoop.
You would never ever see something like this if the Libs were in power.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the PMO needs you.

Anonymous said...

Rumours abound that Doug Finley will be gone by summer if the Conservatives can stave off an election

Anonymous said...

We can always do better as conservatives, but we should not continue to blame ourselves for our opponents low blows and corruption either. To continue to do this will ensure that we remain in the wilderness in future. (real conservative)

Darryl said...

I don't understand why the Toronto Star would be invited but not the more Conservative friendly media. I agree with your post Gerry.