Monday, April 14, 2008

Next Liberal leader?

Let's face it, Liberal leader Stephane Dion is a dud. But who can the Liberals get to replace him?
Well, after extensive thought I have come up with 10 possible candidates:

Don Cherry
Thanks to Dion’s perceived “wimpiness”, the Liberal Party is losing the support of men. What better way to win back red-blooded male voters than with some “rock’em, sock’em” politics?

Barack Obama’s Pastor
OK Rev. Jeremiah Wright is an American. But consider his positives: He is a fiery speaker, he has tons of charisma and he’s a visible minority. The only drawback? His views might not be quite anti-American enough for Liberals.

David Suzuki
As Liberal leader Suzuki could blunt the growth of the Green Party and more importantly help figure out cost-saving ways to insulate Stornoway.

Rick Mercer
I know Mercer is a comedian. But wouldn’t it be great to have a political leader who when he makes us laugh, does so on purpose?

Jack Layton
Yes, he’s a New Democrat. But Dion has moved his party so far to the left nobody would notice the difference if Layton took over.

Buzz Hargrove
If Americans are ready for a president named “Barack” then Canadians are certainly ready for a Prime Minister named “Buzz”.

Justin Trudeau
Too young, too inexperienced and too many wacky ideas, but he has the right last name which is all that matters to his adoring fans in the media.

Kiefer Sutherland
Wouldn’t it be cool to have “Jack Bauer” as Prime Minister? Plus he could solve all our provincial-federal relationship problems in 24 hours

Dalai Lama
He may not win any elections but at least the Liberals would be more serene about losing.

Patrick Roy
The House of Commons could use a good brawl or two.

Mind you, if the Liberals don’t wish to take any of my admittedly unconventional suggestions, they another way to find a leader who would be more effective than Dion.

It’s called pulling a name out of a hat.


Anonymous said...

Don't knock the Liberal leader. The Conservatives need him in the next election campaign. He is the best friend they have. Steve Dion is a great leader.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Perhaps, Mr. Harper will consider becoming the next Liberal leader.
... He is a man who burst onto the public scene, full of promise and principles, yet immediately became merely another timid survivor mouse- compromising a lifetime of personal conservative economic principles... and thus, a perfect Liberal.

nbt said...

Good choices, Gerry. However, I'm still sticking with the charismatic and unbeatable carrot.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Roy reminds me that the Liberals already have a former Canadiens goalie in their leadership aspirant ranks.

Let's hope that Patrick Roy doesn't have the same boring fixation with the "Cadman affair". Dryden is almost making me feel sorry for him with that cocker spaniel look in his eyes.

Anonymous said...

"Too young, too inexperienced and too many wacky ideas, but he has the right last name which is all that matters to his adoring fans in the media."

That last name is why I call him Kim Justin-Il.