Sunday, April 06, 2008

Moses RIP

Charlton Heston is dead and that makes me sad.

Heston was what you might call my last "favorite actor".

I liked Heston because for one thing, he made the kind of movies I liked such as historical dramas - Ben Hur, Khartoum, El Cid-- and sience fiction adventures -Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, Omega Man. (I forgave him for all those hokey disaster movies he made in the 1970s.)

And it didn't hurt that Heston was also that rarest of Hollywood breeds: a conservative.

So his passing is like the end of an era.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and he was also quite the hunk. I remember him and Sophia Loren in El Cid!

I thought Earthquake was quite good with Genevieve Bujould. Who could forget the our cinema seats trembling with that Sensuround or whatever it was called.

Roy Eappen said...

i will miss Judah Ben Hur and Moses too.
May he Rest in Peace.

Kirk West said...


Robert McClelland said...

I guess we'll be taking that gun now. Too soon?

Anonymous said...

McClelland you wouldn't be able to take the gun from his hands now that he is dead, he is still stronger then you are. (real conservative)

rondi adamson said...

Anonymous #1 -- I totally agree. What a hunk!

zolton said...

The writings on the wall conservatism is dying, cause people are evolving.