Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Media Alert

I will be on the Steve Madely Show (CFRA Ottawa) to talk about the Elections Canada -- Stephen Harper feud.

It's Wednesday morning at 7:10 AM.

7:10 AM, are you kidding me!!


Unknown said...

I will be tuned in .First coffee of the day; you better be good! Have fun,people really will be listening.

Anonymous said...

Bring along a list of the Conservative accomplishments and ask him why the radio station or the MSM in general never mention the good things the Conservatives have done.They only crap on them and make a big deal of phony scandals.I have e,mailed the list to CFRA lowell Green,,steve madeley and the station manager.Not a response on the radio or reply to my e,mails, but the criticism still comes up big time.???And this is supposed to be one of the pro Conservative radio stations.What a laugh.

bert in orleans

Anonymous said...

Whats it going to be Gerry?
Will you go into another anti-Harper rant, or talk about the good things the conservatives are doing and have done to un-do the damage of 40 years of psudo-liberal rule.

Anonymous said...

I'd just make sure to mention how strange it is that Elections Canada had to drive 4 hours to Toronto to get their search warrant signed when they could've walked 5 minutes to the nearest sitting judge. You'd think that if their warrant was in order they wouldn't have to go so far.

Anonymous said...

lowell green does not respond to personal email. however, if you email pertaining to the day'show and if he not faced with emails in abundance-there is no doubt that your email will be read on air.
i have written to lowell numerous of times and have heard them repeated on air.
I have sent emails to mike duffy, newman taber etc guess what not a peep from them.
I have asked newman and duffy to explain why the the liberals refuse to return our money which the liberals stole in the million-not a word of interest or comment to the liberals was ever asked on air.