Thursday, April 17, 2008

Me in the Globe

A lot of people think I'm overly critical of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

But today, the Globe and Mail has a story about me defending Harper in regards to his recent tussle with Elections Canada.

In the story I repeated what I noted yesterday in this blog: the Election Canada "raids" were part of a bureaucratic vendetta against the Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

As a former Elections Canada official I can assure you that there is a bias to the Liberal Party in the organization.

Anonymous said...

You'd make a great senator Gerry...elected that is!! lol

Northern PoV said...

such credible sources

a hack who can't even keep his job with the right-wingers (trying to kiss & make up Gerry?)

oh and ya "anony-mouse" who worked for Elections Canada

Anonymous said...

I agree about Gerry becoming a great Senator! Now if only McGuinty would trigger a Senate election...

Anonymous said...

Northern Pov

You're one to talk. A guy with a blog who doesn't blog.

I think that is called a poser in most other areas of sport and recreation.

Muskoka north? What a laugh!

Try Timmins or Thunder Bay or Moose Factory nutter.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, you were quoted in the G&M?

Eeewwww !

anonymous #1 :

"Bias to the Liberal Party?"

In Canada? Are you sure?

I am shocked !

Anonymous said...

All hail Nicholls!

Where can I buy a Nicholls lunch bucket?