Thursday, April 10, 2008

Harper's Left-Wing Rhetoric

A couple of days ago, I noted the Conservative government was planning sweeping new regulations to recall "unsafe" consumer products.

These regulations are needed, says Prime Minister Harper, to protect us from wicked businessmen "who who care more about the almighty dollar than the safety of their customers."

See here an excellent editorial in today's National Post, which debunks the idea that we need such protection.

But what gets me is Harper's rhetoric. Talking about the "almighty dollar" and suggesting profit-hungry capitalists are out to kill us, smacks of left wing populist pandering at its worst.

Mind you this is the same government which bashed banks for ATM fees.

I wonder has Harper ever praised the free enterprise system since gaining power? Has he ever extolled the virtues of smaller government?

Has he ever said anything like Ronald Reagan who once declared, “The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom”.

Has he ever echoed the sentiments of Margaret Thatcher who once said, "There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty?"

If he has I sure never heard it.

Maybe he needs new speech writers. Or maybe he should stop calling himself a conservative.


Anonymous said...

Strange times. These days when I read your blog I have to double check that I am not at Garth Turner's blog. You and he could almost interchange and trade Harper sarcasm and insults.
Both you and Turner have personal ego problems because Harper does not march to your personal drummers and both of you think caustic name calling is somehow political discourse.
And both of you ran for Harper's job and then both of you were ousted by your peers.
Both you and Turner use the media as a personal soapbox and both of you make money from your writing and personal appearances so both of you have a vested interest in being controversial and "anti Harper" which is the way you get noticed by the Liberal media and get ivited on their shows.
Am I close? Are you and Garth sharing trade secrets and pitch hitting for each other these days?

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a Hollywood movie about this?

I think it's called "A Government Runs Through it".

Eventually, all things merge into one, and a government runs through it. The monolith was cut by the world's great socialists and big brother hides behind rocks and rewrites history in the basement of time. On some of the rocks are meaningless mantras. Under the rocks socialists hide the words, and some of the words expose their ideas as tyrannical.
I am haunted by big government."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous#1, Gerry has written an excellent blog on a National Post editorial. Perhaps you would like to comment rationally on the substance of the editorial rather than insulting the blogger.

Anonymous said...

I thought i was on a Liberal blog also.Isn,t it time you learned a few manners Nichols and use your own washroom over at the Liberal blog .We are honest people in the Conservative blog,s.We dont stand for rants and lies.What you think about articles coming out of any Toronto paper is like saying i love Communisn.To believe the Toronto Liberal rags is to be brain dead.So you will be forgiven if you quietly get up and leave the Conservative room.And here is something to bring back to the Lib side with you.The Conservatives have a leader,and he is a leader for all of Canada,not just the ones who voted for him.Something we can NEVER,,EVER,,say about a Liberal.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... It's true, Gerry.
... Harper's comment about companies who "chase the almighty dollar" is the final nail in his coffin as a conservative.
... It is time to begin looking for the new leader of the Conservative party.

Anonymous said...

In response to both this blog posting and the excellent NP article referenced, Gerry, I think you previously explained this type of nonsensically-justified social engineering affirmative action quite aptly:

" might make us feel better and isn't that what meaningless, symbolic gestures are really all about?"

btw: may I re-publish this quote with credit given to you? Love it!

With regards to the above reader comment:
"It is time to begin looking for the new leader of the Conservative party."

IMHO: It's more like long-overdue time to begin looking at an entirely different way to govern ourselves besides this proven collectivism-empowering (where parties always win governing empowerment and individuals lose self-governing empowerment proportionally), corruption-supporting type of toxic political environment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, It is time for a new leader for the Conservative party and I think Maxime Bernier would be an excellent choice. He's intelligent, ideologically pure and so good looking!!! pattipage