Saturday, April 26, 2008

Getting a taste of their own medicine

Pierre Lemieux over at Liberty in Canada has a different take from mine concerning the Elections Canada -- Stephen Harper brawl.

Unlike me, Lemieux has little sympathy for the Tories: "Let the politicians taste their own medicine by falling prey to the liberticidal powers they have vested in the state!", he writes.

And he also correctly notes, the Tories have done very little when it comes to undoing the very type of bad laws which have ensnared them.

"The Conservatives," he argues "have not only forgotten about repealing the gag law, they have, in fact, reinforced the state’s control of electoral financing by reducing the voluntary contributions individuals are permitted to make to political parties."

Perhaps this little run in will help convince the Tories that our election laws need reform.


Unknown said...

Once again you regurgitate what others say. Your blog is worthless.

Anonymous said...

mutton chops,

If this blog is so "worthless", why is it that you visit so often?

You're a joke!


zolton said...

Gerry this is exactly what I like to see for all the right reasons.
If conservatives truly believed in their viewpoint they would themselves hold their party responsible when they do wrong.
People tend to think criticism as bad when it's the nicest thing you could do for someone.
Heck you keep this up and I might begin to think that there is a place for conservatism in the future. :)
Don't let fools like Mutton Chops get you down.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

My question to you Gerry is how exactly can the Tories repeal the gag law. This would require passing legislation in parliament and the other three parties would almost certainly vote against it, so you can complain all you want about the Tories not being conservative enough, but the reality is they cannot be truly conservative. Now yes they could make it a confidence vote and hope one party ducks, but I suspect if the Tories ran a truly conservative government as you want the opposition would vote against them and they would lose at the polls as most Canadians aren't conservative or right wing.