Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gerry Shrugged

Paul McKeever provides an interesting Randian/Objectivist counter-analysis of my recent Sun media chain column calling for the scrapping of election gag laws.

I am posting this for people who complain I am too much of an ideological purist.


Anonymous said...


The level of consideration that was involved in that criticism almost made it a "back handed" compliment.


Iain G. Foulds said...

... Gerry, thanks for the reference to "Atlas Shrugged"- the single book which taught me 95% of what I understand about political philosophy... the book that turned me from being a Trudeau supporting collectivist to a defender and teacher of the values of individual liberty.

Anonymous said...

BAHAAAA HAAAA HAAA!!! Rand is for dumb people who want to feel smart.

nbt said...

"elections work best in the absence of censorship."

This McKeever reminds me of the guy who's brought on a fishing boat for the first time (and goes on and on about the different methods of how to fish) while the experienced fishermen sit quietly pulling in tuna after tuna wondering what the new guy is blabbing on about.

In other words, if libertarianism and democracy are ever to reach the mainsteam, it won't be with long diatribes about nothing that reach pretty much the same conclusion. Geesh.

Anonymous said...


McKeever's argument is far from a "long diatribe about nothing". He has some valid points worth considering for those that are trying to defend freedom. Some arguments are self-defeating.

nbt said...

Oh, I have no doubt they're valid. I just believe in getting through to the small guy, not the dozen or so waxing their legs in the ivory tower.