Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Who is Winning the War?

One of problems with the "War on Terror" is the one sides nature of the reporting.

And by that I mean when an American or Canadian soldier is killed it makes front page news, but the public doesn't really have a handle on what kind of damage the bad guys are sustaining.

Well according the people at Strategy Page, Al Qaeda, and their allies the Taliban, are taking a beating.

Says Strategy Page: "Al Qaeda operations continue to decline, as the number of al Qaeda members, and leaders killed or captured, goes up. Then there's al Qaeda media activity. Up until last Fall, 93 percent of al Qaeda Internet announcements were video. Since then, most of them are just audio, and sounding increasingly less confident."

Strategy Page goes on to suggest that as the "expert" terrorists get killed off or imprisoned, they are increasingly replaced by incompetents, who succeed only in making the movement look bad.

It would be nice to read more analysis like this in the main stream media.

H/T Powerline

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