Monday, July 30, 2007

Suzuki is Coming to Town

Is it just me, or are those PowerWise TV ads just a little creepy?

If you live in Ontario, you probably know the ads I am talking about. They feature Canada's number one aggravating environmentalist, David Suzuki sneaking into people's homes so he can skulk around their basements, peer into their refrigerators and steal their light bulbs.

Shouldn't he be arrested for doing that kind of thing?

But I guess the idea behind this marketing campaign is to present Suzuki as some sort of eco-Santa Claus.

"You better be good, you better not waste energy, because David Suzuki is coming to town ....He sees you when you idle your car, he knows when you leave lights on, so be good for goodness sake .... or else"

Anyway, all I can say is Saint Suzuki better not snoop around my house, or my vicious guard dog Ace will give him such a nasty glare it won't even be funny.


Anonymous said...

funny stuff Gerry. What bothers me about the ad where Suzuki's looking into that dude's fridge is that at the mere mention of "more beer" the guy's drooling.

Do the Ontario Liberals view all male homeowners as being good citizen's of the environment motivated by beer???

Just what picture do the Liberals paint???

I smell something a-kin to FLICK-OFF campaign that most school boards refused to use. They changed it to something else. Talk about another waste of my money.

rondi adamson said...

The problem with the Suzuki ads is that they condone breaking and entering. I mean, why don't these people call the cops? If a strange man broke into my basement, that's what I would do.

Brian said...

It would make my day to find David Suzuki in my basement - David Suzuki wouldn't find it as much fun I admit, but in my house nobody asks David Suzuki's opinion so it should be OK.

It's time I started watching more TV, I haven't seen those ads.

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is this new religion has spawned some holier-than-thou, rhetoric-spewing idiots. They honestly believe they are somehow superior to common guy. I can see them brainstorming for this ad: "Maybe if we tell them they can have more beer, they'll do what we say!"