Friday, July 20, 2007

Supporting the Troops but not the War

In today's Toronto Star, Rondi Adamson neatly skewers the Jack Laytons of the world who oppose Canada's war effort in Afghanistan while at the same time they claim to "Support our Troops."


Brian said...

I don't normally read the Toronto Star&Sickle, but spent much of my evening at work trying to wrangle a comment section away from somebody, anybody. I learnt something tonight: Toronto Star readers are slow readers.

Oh, and it was a very good article, much better than the "we must pull out because I can't yell at concerts anymore" rebuttal beside it.

Anonymous said...

This was just a silly article.

Has it not yet been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a country cannot spread democracy from the inside of a tank?

Bush definitely made a lot of mistakes -- the "War" on terrorism should have been primarily a matter for intelligence agencies (not soldiers) to deal with.

You watch! Harper will back further away from this kind of hardline. It's OK when 40% casualties are Atlantic Canadians, however, there will be another official tune change when the Van Doos are called to serve the country.

Anonymous said...

Besides all the above, what the heck are you Civitas types doing writing articles for the Toronto Star (of all the Liberal rags)?

Like some South Americans, Atlantic Canadian conservatives should be asking "What is Harper-ing here?"