Saturday, July 14, 2007

Black Verdict

What Conrad Black has had to endure in his battle with the United States government is a travesty.

I hope his appeal process is successful and his good name is ultimately restored.

But whatever happens, I will always consider Conrad Black a great Canadian and my friend.


Roy Eappen said...

yes. This trial is ridiculous. Hollinger is nowq worth nothing because of the charges. Who wuill pay back the investors for the actions of the court appointed trustees?

Anonymous said...

Does every member of Civitas just blindly cheer lead for Conrad Black? Is that part of the Conservative platform or something?

He did not get convicted because he was your friend or a "successful, rich Canadian living in the USA" or a neocon.

He was convicted because he broke the law. This was Lord Black's second go at racketeering charges South of the border. He should have changed his ways after his first acquittal.