Monday, July 09, 2007

My Summer in the Sun

I am happy to announce that I will have a regular column appearing in the Sun Media chain this summer.

Kind of like those summer replacement TV series.

Here's my first one, which looks at why none of the major parties seems to have much traction these days.


Anonymous said...

Your column combined with Lorrie's leaves me kind of depressed actually.

How did we become a country of the mushy middle?

More to the point. How do we turn this around?

What's it mean to be a conservative or a liberal these days. When the lines get blurred I'm thinking we need a champion to pull us out of the pablum.

My family and I visited Toronto on Canada Day weekend. It was DEAD. Where have all the people gone. The Eaton's Centre was empty. Gone were the throngs of shoppers and tourists I remember. Thank God for We Will Rock You!

VoteForOther said...

I saw your article in The Sun today and it certainly reflects some of my concerns as a voter. I have been looking for a way to show how many of us are disappointed in the choices available to us. I started a blog called None of the Above where I suggest voters can indicate they want to vote but none of the candidates really appeal to them.

I'd welcome some feedback.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone waiting in the wings of either the Liberals or Conservatives who can fill the void. If not, we're in deep trouble.

How be we, as a citizen base draft a character/political profile of the kind of leader Canada deserves, and see what develops?

Failing that, lets look at some of our star power and see if we have anyone there that can be mined into public service?

voteforother - at the very least "none of the above" tells us what we don't like in our politicans. Anything remotely close to what we have now is OUT.

Brian said...

IT hadn't occurred to me before the effect the payment for politicians plan has had on politics in Canada, but your analysis makes sense.

That's why you are one of the top 5...

Anonymous said...


I gotta admit it.

As a member of the Civitas Society punditocracy, I always thought you were whacked!

However, I think that you are very correct in your analysis...