Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Advice for the Premier

Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty is in some political hot water these days thanks to a damning auditor general's report.

According to this report the Liberal government dished out $32.5 million in "year-end grants" to assorted Ontario cultural groups, in a process that was "not open, transparent, or accountable."

Sounds bad. Now more than ever, Premier McGuinty needs a good spin doctor. But unfortunately his main political advisor is too busy spinning to save his own skin.

So I will fill the void and offer the Premier some advice. Here is my memo:

Dear Premier:

With an election just months away, you really need to deal with this Auditor General fiasco. Fortunately, I know a way to not only stop the bleeding but to turn this whole situation into a real vote getter.


Simple. I note the Auditor General says you gave $1 million to the Ontario Cricket Association. OK nobody cares about this obscure sport. But what if you said the Ontario Cricket Association wasn't about the sport but about the actual insect?

Tell voters that crickets are actually an endangered species and that the Association needs the million bucks to set up a wild life preserve to protect these cute little creatures.

Imagine the photo op of you handing over the check to the president of the Association, with thousands of grateful crickets chirping in the background.

This is political gold.

You would certainly win over the votes of animal lovers and secure a strangle-hold on a long over looked voting bloc -- entomologists.

Yes, this plan might require you to do a little lying, but that should not be too hard, after all you are a Liberal.


Anonymous said...

We're being snowed big time by the Liberals. What I find really hillarious is the new ads that have Dalton in shirt sleeves, actually admitting he's running on his record.

Nothing like admitting defeat from the get go.

Oh, and you'd think McGuinty's handlers would have straightened the guy's tie before filming.

My son, after watching the clip said that McGuinty puts him in mind of Michael Scott on The Office. He's right!

NB taxpayer said...

LOL!! Great idea. He could use the guy on the right (below) as his promotional logo/brand.


Anonymous said...

Gerry: I think your tongue is firmly planted in your cheek except when you talk about lying!