Monday, July 16, 2007

Toronto's Tax Troubles

Today's the day, Toronto's Politburo will vote on whether or not to extract yet more money out of the pockets of the city's taxpayers.

Commissar David Miller is pushing for massive tax increases because otherwise, he would be forced to cut necessary and needed services, such as a pay increase for himself.

And a lot is on the line for City Councillors who enjoy such essential services as free parking, free zoo admission, free golf and yes even free lunches.

Indeed without a tax hike the entire structure of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Toronto could come crashing down.

Which is why I am glad groups like the Canadian Taxpayers Federation have done such an excellent job of opposing the tax.


Anonymous said...

Check this witty bit of video:

Janet said...

If only the cost of a "free" lunch for a politician was a lost job, the world would be a better place.