Tuesday, January 23, 2007

PAAC On the Record

Attended a Public Affairs Association of Canada luncheon today where a panel provided a post mortem on the recent Liberal leadership race.

Now usually I would not be able to report on what happens at PAAC events as they are strictly "off the record".

But as the emcee Steve Paikin noted details of these meetings always end up on the internet in a few seconds anyway, so the meeting was declared "on the record."

That's the good news.

The bad news is nothing was discussed which was all that interesting.

We did learn that being a front-runner was not such a good thing for Michael Ignatieff; and that the turning point of the Liberal convention occurred when Gerard Kennedy's delegates went en masse to Stephane Dion and that Bob Rae's strength was more illusionary than real.

But heck I already knew that stuff.

The best tidbit actually came from a Liberal activist sitting at my table, who told me she would sooner "eat glass" than see Bob Rae as Liberal leader.

Something tells me the wounds have not yet healed.

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