Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Freezing in Ottawa

OK I believed it when David Suzuki and Al Gore and Stephane Dion proclaimed that global warming was heating up our winter.

Accordingly on my visit to Ottawa I left behind my gloves and hat and warm coat, thinking it would be a tropical paradise.


It's like 100 degrees below zero out there! I almost died of frostbite going out to get a coffee.

Mind you it's my fault for listening to the high priests of the emerging environmental cult.

Actually, it's not so much a cult, as it is like a primitive pagan religion as practiced by those native tribes in old Tarzan movies.

Chief: Winter getting warm.

Witch Doctor: Winter getting warm because the great god Kyoto is angry.

Chief: What we do?

Witch doctor: Must sacrifice virgin SUV to Kyoto. Make him happy!

Ok so this posting doesn't make much sense, but I am just typing to keep my fingers warm.


William E. Demers said...

We've had warm winters before. My grandfather was telling me stories at Christmas about all the times it hasn't snowed before (and he's nearly 85). I trust his experience with Canadian weather, and while he agrees that things are getting warmer, he also pointed out that 50 years ago when it was hot people would say "Looks like it won't snow this Christmas", which contrasts to todays "The world is going to end in 10 years. This lack of snow is proof of it."

Miles Lunn said...

So far this winter has been milder than normal, although the reality is global warming is referring to average temperatures over several years rather than one particular day or one particular year. If you look at the trends, global warming is occurring. Not everywhere is getting warmer, for example Europe is getting colder since the melting ice packs are weakening the gulf stream, which is why their winters are milder than ours despite being further North.

Anonymous said...

Boy, am I ever glad Mr. Harper got rid of that ditzy Rona Ambrose. That take-charge Baird guy is in there less than two weeks, and already global warming has been reversed.

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