Friday, January 05, 2007

Green Blues

If you believe the media this morning the next federal election will centre on one issue and one issue only: the environment.

Check out the screaming headlines in the papers today: "Harper Goes Green", "PM Warms to Environment," "PM Charts a greener course".

And all this because Prime Minister Harper appointed John "Rusty" Baird as his new environment minister.

Now I hate to pour acid rain on all this hoopla (by the way whatever happened to acid rain), but I am not convinced the environment will be the killer issue when the next election rolls around.

As Andrew Coyne writes in today's National Post, "While there are true believers on both sides, the broad mass of the public wants Something Done about global warming, but wants Someone Else to pay for it."

Fact is, if the environment was truly the number one issue of the land, David Suzuki would have been elected PM a long time ago.


hoodwinked said...

Whatever happened to acid rain?

Simple: Michael Perley's leadership role and lobbying expertise on behalf of Public Health social engineering campaigns was quickly recycled and re-used to promote the "environmental health" war against tobacco (ie: smokers).

Great. Every party will be a virtual watermelon party. "Lesser of Evils" politics as usual. Zzzz...

Anonymous said...

Gerry - if you would like to really get a handle on how nuts the issue of environment is at the moment you need not look any further than your own Ontario. The Liberals just opened The Centre for Renewable Energy in Brussels, Ontario(northwest of Stratford). Trouble is there's a huge contention regarding the OPA's decision NOT TO ALLOW those on the Windpower grid in and on-line in the original way they were supposed to be able to. Huron and Bruce counties along the lakeshore are riddled with wind turbines and were made promises.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrew Coyne's take on things.

I also believe that the environment issue is being pushed by the left and those who stand to make money on the backs of a fearful(and not too educated) society(voters).

If you've read a school science textbook in Ontario lately Gerry, get set for just how thick and deep the twisting and imposing of the leftist agenda is.

Miles' Views said...

I think it will be a big issue. Opposition parties always try to target the governing party where they feel they are weakest. Last election that was ethics which is why that was number 2 issue after health care, while now has fallen off the map. Likewise the opposition will look to where the Tories are most vulnerable and the environment is that area. Usually the biggest issue of the day doesn't benefit the governing party, so the trick for the Conservatives if they wish to win again is make the election about an issue they are strong on, not weak on.