Friday, January 12, 2007

Bad Moooo--ve by Dion

The media keeps telling us that Liberal leader Stephane Dion is a real bright guy.

But if he's so smart why did he recently compare Alberta's economy to a milk cow?

It's true.

In a speech delivered in Halifax the other day, Dion was explaining why Albertans should not fear his Kyoto plans, which many believe will gut the province's oil industry.

"I'm not there to kill the growth," said Dion, "I'm there to make the growth sustainable. I don't want to kill the milk cow. But I want to make sure that the milk will still be good and there for our grandchildren."

Did Dion really think comparing Alberta to a cash cow that needed to be "milked" was a good idea?

Did he really think this would win his party support in Western Canada?

If he did, he should check out this Edmonton Sun editorial which likely reflects the views of many Albertans.


Anonymous said...

The notion of the west as milk cow is an old one and pre-dates even the NEP. I remember seeing a cartoon drawn in the thirties(?) of a (giant) cow eating the rich hay of western Canada with the other end being milked in Ontario and Quebec. Sucking the west dry is an old Canadian tradition worthy of a Historica Canada heritage minute narrated by Patrick Watson.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Albertans have long memories and reward Dion appropriately next election.

William said...

Unfortunately I missed this event, as I had a class at the time of his little address, but some of my friends were there and said that after hearing and speaking with Dion he just wasn't as intelligent or charismatic as the CBC and other media outlets have been portraying him.

Miles Lunn said...

While the usual naysayers on the right will condemn any Liberal as being anti-Western Canada, those in the middle in the West are open to seeing what Dion has to say and then judging accordingly. Lets remember the West also includes BC, Saskatchewan, and Alberta which are not exactly bastions of conservatism. In fact being born in BC, most of my family living in Alberta, and now living in Ontario, I've found BC has far more in common politically with Ontario than it does with Alberta.

Besides I wish the right was stop always spreading this fearmongering about the Liberals being out to get the West. You guys screamed bloody murder when the Liberals were doing the same fearmongering about the Tories in Ontario, yet now you guys think it is okay.

Finally the environment is a serious issue that even most Albertans understand. Only Ted Morton was against doing anything about the environment; both Jim Dinning and Ed Stelmach want to see GHG reductions.