Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A free ad

I needed to go to the nation's capital -- otherwise known as the centre of evil --- on some business and decided to take the new Porter airlines.

And I must say I would highly recommend it.

Located on the Island airport downtown, Porter airlines is easy to get to, its lounge is comfortable and comes with free internet access and its planes are comfortable.

But best of all, taking this airline is a good way to stick it to Toronto's socialist mayor and his gaggle of NDP minions.

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William E. Demers said...

Here, here. Porter Airlines is not only classy, expedient and competitive, but it is also promoting conservative values and the growth of Toronto's waterfront.

For the few extra dollars it costs, you get to cut past the long lines and Air Canada bureaucracy, plus you can safe money on transportation to Pearson Airport if you work or live downtown (it's just a few minutes away).