Friday, January 12, 2007

Macleans On Kingsley

A few posts ago I suggested the departure of Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley was good for Canada and for democracy.

Well, the editors of Maclean's magazine agree with me.

In an editorial entitled "Keeping Politics and Democracy Separate" they write: "He (Kingsley) strayed unacceptably into partisan politics by advocating restrictions on third-party election advertising."



D. McEwan said...

Kingsley compromised himself and the office of Chief Electoral Officer when it was discovered that a member of his immediate family acquired employment in disgraced former liberal leader Paul Martin's office.

This very public act was a slap in the face to all Canadians who believe that the individual responsible for overseeing elections in Canada must be impartial and seen to be impartial
to maintain the integrity of our democratic system.

Unfortunately, in the dying days of the Cretin/Martin regime nepotism and the rewarding of party apparchniks was the rule of the day.

Now that Mr. Kingsley did the right thing and resigned, it will be interesting to see if Bernard Shapiro takes the hint and does the honourable thing and resigns also.

Miles Lunn said...

Actually Kingsley was appointed by Brian Mulroney not the Liberals as some claim. It is true the Progressive Conservatives had more in common with the Liberals than present day Tories, but he was not a Liberal appointment.

I don't think he should engage in advocacy, at the same time he has the right to uphold the law, not try and undermine it. I disagree with the Gag Law, but thats up to parliament and the courts to decide, not the Chief Electoral Officer