Monday, March 16, 2009

A sad turn of events

This past weekend I attended the Manning Centre Networking Conference in Ottawa.

That's the good news; the bad news is that while in Ottawa I was computerless.

Hence, I was unable to voice my outrage on this blog over the speech Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently delivered in which he basically threw libertarians and fiscal conservatives under the bus. See here for an excellent analysis.

Imagine my frustration!

Even more frustrating was that I actually heard his speech in person.

Yet, although frustrated, I am not surprised. Not a bit. In fact, about a year ago, I wrote a column in the Globe and Mail basically predicting this sad turn of events.

In that column I stated Harper was intent on creating what I called the "Red Populist Nationalist Alliance."

I wrote, "it seems Mr. Harper is trying to unite Pierre Trudeau-style Liberals, Reform-style populists and Québécois-style nationalists under the Conservative Party banner."

And that's exactly what's happening. Harper's pathetic attack on Wall Street capitalists and free markets was simply a cynical attempt to woo both left wing voters and Reform-style populists.

Actually, on second thought, maybe I'm not outraged.

Just depressed.

As I wrote in my Globe piece, "there is room for everybody in Mr. Harper's Red Populist Nationalist Alliance – everybody, that is, but conservatives who believe in the equality of citizens and want more freedom and less government. Sadly, these Canadians no longer have a political home."


Anonymous said...

I do not want to hear it. We are Conservatives here... you obviously are not one -- bahhhh

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. We have three socialist parties now. The problem is that only the fiscally conservative will recognize this. Our brush with bankruptcy in the 80's did not teach us anything.

Blame Crash said...

So you were “outraged” were you Garry.
“Imagine my frustration!” It’s always about you isn’t it, Barry.
“Even more frustrating was that I actually heard his speech in person.” There you go sounding like a Victorian Society Dame having a fainting spell. You though of asking for your money back Jerry. Just tell them you’re going to go join the Gliberal Party of Toronto. I’m sure they’ll be relieved and you’ll get a full refund!
“I wrote a column in the Globe and Mail basically predicting this sad turn of events.” So you knew all along, eh Larry.
“Harper's pathetic attack on Wall Street capitalists” Yup, those poor, poor Wall Streeters, we all know that nothing is ever their fault, no sir-ee. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fudging the books in order to get a billion dollar bonus. why that’s as normal as can be! And those stretch Limo’s that they tool around New York City in, if you had as many credentials and initials on your name as the Ivy league numbskulls have, you’d easily see why they’re needed.
“Actually, on second thought, maybe I'm not outraged.” There you go again Garry.
“Just depressed.” BINGO, GERRY, BINGO !!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell? There is only ONE socialist party and that's the NDP. Learn you stuff before you throw the socialist word around.

Dumb, but again, that's conservatives for your. Labelling whether it's the truth or not. Gerry you forgot phony labelling as part of being a conservative.

C'mon - Harper is out for Harper and doesn't give a damn for conservatism or any other ism except Harperism.

Yet the fools keep trying to believe Deceivin Stephen.

Anonymous said...

wah wah wah fuckin run for something or shut the fuck up girly man geeeeeeeeezez