Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Post Harper Speculation

A couple of days ago I wrote a column in the National Post suggesting a schism might develop in the Conservative Party when Prime Minister Harper steps down as Tory leader.

Well today, Sun media columnist Greg Weston considers this idea and also suggests another scenario: he says the man to replace Harper might just be none other than Quebec Premier Jean Charest.

Wonder if that would split the party?


Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming Gerry, I have no respect for you anymore.

gary said...

There is absolutely no way Jean Charest is or would ever be an acceptable CPC leader. He is a Liberal who panders to and for Quebec in a shameless manner. He would lose entire CPC vote in the West. I would never vote for him as leader or as a candidate for PM. I would simply stay at home unless a western separatist party candidate was running.

Anonymous said...

Well, a lot might leave the party if in the unlikely scenario Charest returns to Ottawa since Charest has done nothing but backstab the Conservatives and the federal Conservatives. Not to mention refusing to answer questions before and during the Quebec provincial election (in which he got a majority) about the size of the losses of the Quebec pension fund.

Anonymous said...

Well, many would leave the party under the unlikely scenario of Charest's returning to Ottawa. Charest has systematically backstabbed Harper and the federal government.

Plus before and during the provincial election (in which he won a majority government) he refused to divulge the extent of the massive losses to the Quebec pension fund.

Suzanne said...

Jean Charest??? Are you kidding me??? *head desk*

AEK said...

Wow. Nicholls' story speculating about Harper's demise, followed by Weston's story on the same, which Nicholls refers back to his own article, etc. in:

'The Great Circle of Life For Political Pundits'.

This is truly shocking chatter during a particularly slow year for hard news.

Where are the similar oscillating gossip columns about Ignatieff's impending demise following his recently discovered interest in Canada (or more accurately, interest in ruling it), or for the doomed fate for Layton's moustache, and when's James Travers going to weigh in on all this very important stuff?